Closure (?)

Click for Part 1 and Part 2 on the Rick & Sasha series My radio receiver crackled. "The VIP is arriving, ETA 14 minutes, is Checkpoint 4 secure?" "Rick here, Checkpoint 4 secure" I responded, looking around. My station was charged with securing the event. It was a rock concert. Me and the detective squad [...]


The Spiral

I was taught by my parents growing up that it's always my fault. My mother had a rule. If I fought with any kid, I'd get beaten. ( by her when she found out, of course). If any kid hit me and I retaliated in self-defence, I'd get beaten. Needless to say, to my young [...]

The Raid (Part 3)

Read Part 1 Read Part 2 TWENTY YEARS LATER 1209 HOURS SOMEWHERE IN NORTHERN MUMBAI “Pixie, this is Brutus. Team Two is ready on your mark.” The voice in the earpiece crackled. A woman, in full combat gear, checked her rifle, a Remington 870 MCRx.” She pressed a button on her earpiece. “Brutus, this is [...]

The Raid (Part Two)

Read Part 1 here Sabre's lifeless body fell on the floor. “You have spirit, I’ll give you that!” Rahim laughed. “How could you betray us? We are your team!” Velcro shouted. Pacman stayed silent. “It wasn’t easy. For years, I wanted a baby. And the night my wife was due, some stuck up politician wanted [...]

Ruchi’s Room

Click here to read the first story in Jack and Ruchi series “So, I know you can’t see Ruchi, but goddamn it your room is beautiful!” I heard Jack say. I laughed nervously. “Really, you think so?” Mom let Jack come over before, but this was the first time I was allowed to take Jack [...]

47 Days Since

Dear Sasha, 47. It's been 47 days since I walked out of that bar. I still remember how it went down. We met at the airport. But something wasn't right. You didn't look at my eyes, you were absent-minded, you kept avoiding my questions. My detective alert was in red zone, but I thought, all [...]

The Raid (Part 1)

Read Part 2 here 0226 Hours Undisclosed Location Rural Navi Mumbai “Gold Eagle, this is Angeldust, standby for greenlight!” The radio crackled. Four men were crouched in the darkness in the bushes, in front of a three story building. . They were armed with suppressed MTARs, with dual band optics. The team leader turned to [...]

Morituri Nolumus Mori

There is no glory in suicide. There is glory every other kind of death. Dying for an idea, for freedom, for what's right. Dying in the line of duty. Dying for the sake of innocent human lives. But to take one's life, dying for themselves is considered an act most heinous and most criminal. Society [...]

In The Afterglow

Maybe I was meant to be this way.A broken ugly mess.Don't know where I'll go from here.Dreams I dream less and less. I know you think you don't deserve me.Or anything I do for you.And you have fallen so many times.You don't believe anything to be true. It's hard to believe that life is fairWhen [...]

Audere est Facere

Sgt. Pauls gripped his Lee-Enfield, now muddied and fatigued by war. On more than one occasion, it had saved his life in the War. He checked his ammunition. HIs face bloodied, sweat trickling down his brows. The trench shook and trembled with the thunderous thunder of the German Panzers. "Looks like this is the end [...]

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